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In-The-Moment batched content makes things simple & efficient

Reels or TikTok Video Compilations to capture attention, engage, & Convert

ready-to-post deliverables means you always have a full content library to choose from

behind the scenes // video creation // reels // photography // TikToks // story graphics // BEHIND THE SCENES // VIDEO CREATION // REELS // PHOTOGRAPHY // TikToks // STORY GRAPHICS // 

We create content authentically aligned with your vision while your business remains running. Captivating behind-the-scenes content, engaging reels and videos, and visually stunning social graphics are the tangible result, and we dig deep, exploring the heart and soul of your brand to ensure we capture your brand's unique personality and connect it to the people who its meant for. And the best don't have to lift a finger.

You don't need another task on your list - continue to run your business while we capture what makes it great.

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What A Membership Looks Like

Looking for a test run? No worries. Each membership offers a cancellation period if you're not happy after your first delivery.

  • Company & Industry Specific Research
  • Planning And Strategy Outline 
  • Mood board
  • Shot List & Day Of Details
  • 6 Ready-To-Post Videos With Trending Audio
  • 25 Video Clips
  • 20 Edited Images
  • 5+ Branded Graphics For Added Posts And Stories

We use a membership approach to be your go-to content team for the long haul, providing cohesive and consistent branded media focused & working towards your goals as a business. Below is what's included in a one content session:

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Those with their own ‘job’ to do but need to showcase the work they do well

Those who don’t know what to create or what to capture

Those who don’t have the capabilities/hands to create it themselves

Those who want a specific aesthetic and feel to the brand but can’t grasp it themselves

Those who want to market consistently and strategically online

Those who want variety and engaging content for their brand

Those who want to learn from the experts and gain knowledge while working together

Those interested in working efficiently & seamlessly to batch content while on the job


Strategy is at the forefront. We'll discuss your goals and vision to create a plan for each upcoming session. Our outline includes a focus on your goals, inspirational creative direction, shot list, items needed, outfit coordination, and more.


We capture video and/or photo content during our sessions together using the strategic plan as our guideline. We batch content so we can capture easily & deliver efficiently while not interrupting too much of your time. (One content day could provide ready-to-post items for 2+ months!)


We edit and deliver ready-to-post content for your social media and marketing avenues. By offering variety through video, compilation, edited photo, graphics, and more, we ensure you have a on-demand content library for your business.

For owners, small teams, or marketing leads who seamlessly want an elevated social media presence without adding another thing to your plate.

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It's like paparazzi for your business, but better.

Hi I'm Brynn - owner of Amber Isle Co, a branding and web design agency for business. With 6+ years in entrepreneurship and 10+ years in online marketing, I truly love working with brands and the people that run them. My passion lives to serve the visual presentation of business in a way that's unique, appealing, and cohesive. My clients tell me I have a knack for creating works of art while keeping it strategic and intentional. I hope to continue to create storytelling content that captivates with an effortless appeal.

Meet The Creators

Brynn Drexler

Hello! I'm Brittany, the founder of BrittaJo Creative, a digital marketing agency. With more than 8 years of experience in social media and online marketing, I've developed a passion for creating visually stunning content that tells a brand's unique story. I am driven by my love for style and design, which fuels my creativity to produce content that is both captivating and effective. Partnering with brands to make a meaningful impact through the art of storytelling is what truly sets my soul on fire.


Strengths // intention & Strategy, branded content, visual content

Strengths // details details details, social media strategy, social trends


Can I purchase only 1 session with you instead of a membership?

We hope to be your go-to content team for consistency and cohesiveness as a brand, so we opt for a membership style payment structure. But don't worry, if you're unhappy with our first delivery, you can cancel at any time!

Can I cancel the membership anytime?

Yes! If you decide to cancel after we've delivered a round, no harm no foul. We just require a 30-day notice to cancel your membership.

Is each package as is or is there customization to each business?

Each membership is custom to each business - because each business has its own needs and goals. However, there are some structured deliverables we hope to be consistent with in order to showcase and promote our expertise and strategy in the best way.

Where are you located?

Lucky for you - we have two team members on board! Brynn is in Green Bay, Wisconsin, and Brittany resides in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. No matter your location, you'll always have two brains working behind the scenes for you, but we plan on working 1-on-1 with each oncoming client for each specific location. If you're from a separate remote location, we hope to both make the travel to you!

do you edit the content for me?

Yes! We compile, edit, and share with you ready-to-post deliverables so you can take them from us and share on your social media immediately!

What devices do you use?

We will mostly be working with our phones to capture in-the-moment video content (P.S. it's what works best these days!!), but in some cases that require brand photography or specialized videography, we each have a full frame DSLR camera if needed.

What should i expect the day of?

We will have your customized Day Of Details Plan finalized so you know our plan of attack before arrival. In most cases, we hope to show up and capture the behind-the-scenes or curated moments for your business. Whether we let you do your thing and capture from afar, or prompt more guided moments - we hope to let your business continue to run!

Do you travel?

We'd love to! The price covers a 30 mile radius surrounding Green Bay, Wisconsin or Sioux Falls, South Dakota. If you're outside that area, we can discuss options and if a travel fee should be added to your invoice.

We're not only about innovative content; we're about building a
                                through your marketing avenues that engages,                             , and                             .

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We're not only about                                content; we're about building a
through your marketing avenues that engages, connects, and                             .





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